Private credit is any type of debt financing provided by nonbank lenders/funds that is not issued or traded in an open market.


Emergence of this asset class globally


• Globally, private debt expanded rapidly after the Global Financial Crisis when banks pulled back from leveraged lending and concentrated their corporate operations on larger clients


• An appetite for attractive returns, speedy executions and rich opportunities continues to expand the market, globally with Moody’s estimating the market to reach at least $2.0 trillion by 2027


• The global market is growing by an average of 10+% every year


Private Credit in India is at an inflection point 


• The private credit market has witnessed a significant interest among high-net-worth individual & institutional investors 


• Slowdown in Bank, NBFC and Mutual Fund wholesale lending has led to a rapid increase in AIF opportunity





























Modulus Alternatives 


Centrum Alternatives is now known as Modulus Alternatives.


Modulus Alternatives is a private credit platform that focuses on mid-market, performing credit opportunities. The firm seeks to provide attractive, risk-adjusted returns to investors and custom-made solutions to its portfolio companies. 


The firm launched its first private credit fund in 2019 and has successfully completed 4 years of the investment period with 15 investments and 10 successful exits. 

Modulus Alternatives has commenced raising capital for its second private credit fund - India Credit Opportunities Fund II - and successfully closed its first investment in Shivam Autotech Limited. The first close was on August 24, 2023.


A CAT II Alternative Investment Fund, ICOF II, will invest in the performing credit space and aims to capitalize on the immense potential of the private credit market in India. 


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