Wealth Management

Centrum Wealth specializes in creating customized innovative solutions for wealth creation and preservation. Whether it is through offering sound investment advice or providing a holistic approach to financial planning, we ensure that your money is secure, managed efficiently and grows.

As with all our clients over the years, our expert team can help you create specific strategies to maintain and grow your wealth based on your age, goals and risk appetite.

Leadership Team

  • Rajnish Bahl

    MD & CEO, Group Retail Financial Services

  • S. Ganashyam

    ED - Wealth Management

  • Sandeep Nayak

    ED & CEO - Broking

  • Arpita Vinay

    Wholetime Director & Head - Family Office

  • Amitava Neogi

    COO-Wealth Management

  • Kunj Bansal

    CIO Equities

  • Shankar Raman

    CIO - Third Party Products

Portfolio Management Services
  • A concentrated portfolio increases the potential of higher returns. Our team of experienced fund managers offers investment solutions through focused portfolios of stocks. Our main objective is to maximise your gains in a rising market and limit losses in a falling market. We manage a concentrated portfolio of 15-20 stocks that are structured around your needs. The choice of stocks made by our money managers, is based on extensive research with the focus on good quality businesses associated with strong growth. You have the freedom and flexibility to tailor your portfolio, in consultation with your fund manager and to address any personal preferences and financial goals.

    Our Offerings


    Portfolio Objective Strategy Sustainability
    • Act as a prime advisor engaging with all your existing bankers & service providers from your side of the table's
    • Portfolio with 70% to 80% in large cap stocks & remaining in mid & small cap stocks
    • Invest in dominant players with strong fundamentals & track record
    • Moderate risk appetite with medium term investment horizon
    Wealth Creator
    • Seeks to deliver long term wealth creation while meeting liquidity needs
    • 50-60% of portfolio invested in deep value & mid cap stocks and remaining in large cap stocks
    • Bottom up & value stock picking strategy identifying deep value stocks, emerging themes, outperforming sectors
    • High risk appetite with medium to long term investment horizon
    Deep Value
    • Seeks to generate longer term wealth creation by investing in deep value stocks including relatively unknown small & mid-cap stocks
    • Predominantly invest in mid-cap and small cap stocks which may be illiquid at time of investment Bottom up & value stock picking strategy identifying deep value stocks, outperforming sectors, emerging themes, hidden gems and other macro themes for major upsides
    • High risk appetite with long term investment horizon

    Investment Philosophy


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