Stock Broking

Centrum Broking is a full service brokerage house offering broking services to Institutional and Non-Institutional investors. It offers advisory and execution platforms for Equities and Derivatives and is a member of the following stock exchanges:
            National Stock Exchange (Cash & Derivatives Segment)
            Bombay Stock Exchange (Cash Segment)
We offer demat services in a seamless manner and are a Depository Participants with Central Depository Services Limited (CDSL). Centrum Broking has a highly acclaimed institutional desk with expertise in servicing institutional investors such as FIIs, Pension Funds, Indian Mutual Funds, Domestic Institutions and Proprietary Funds of large corporate houses. Our non-institutional investor segment focuses on High Net worth Individuals and Corporates. Our client-centric approach enables us to offer customised products and services that meet your investment needs.

Leadership Team

  • Sandeep Nayak

    ED & CEO - Broking

  • Rashmikant Talati

    Head - Operations

    • Equity Advisory Services

      We have a highly experienced, qualified advisory team which caters to your investment requirements. Our equity advisory desk is equipped to assist professional traders as well as long-term investors. Our team of professionals with a proven track record in primary and secondary capital markets has been through numerous markets cycles and has a deep understanding of the markets.


      We provide value ideas based on fundamental and macro analysis to our investors. Our reports cover stocks, sectors, strategy, economy and commodities, with an in-depth analysis which empowers the investor to take an informed investment decision.

      Portfolio Diagnosis

      • Analysis of existing portfolio

      • Recommendations on stocks owned with what to Hold, Sell and Add

      • Allocations of cash generated by sell recommendations into quality stocks after considering the existing sector allocation

      • Further if required, realignment of your portfolio based on model sector weightage

      Continuous Review

      • Update any important event which invalidates investment thesis

      • Review portfolio after quarterly results to see and update whether your stocks performing as per expectations

      • Allocations of cash generated by sell recommendations into quality stocks after considering the existing sector allocation

      • Mail along with meet or call will be done to ensure proper communication from our end

      Interaction & Collaborated Process

      • We ensure that your portfolio is given ongoing attention. Your Relationship Manager or Equity Advisor will mail all important updates along with a meeting or a call

      • For ease of clients, they can give instructions to either the Relationship Manager or Equity Advisor and we will take care of execution of trades

      Offerings For A Trader

      Our service offerings suit every client genre catering to different equity investment and trading styles.
      • Strategies based on Fundamental & Macro-Economic Analysis

        • CONTENT
        • For long-term investors, we provide value ideas
        • Fundamental and macro analysis
        • Our reports cover stocks, sectors, strategy
        • Economy and commodities with an in-depth analysis that empowers the investor to take an informed investment decision.
      • Strategies based on Technical Analysis

        • Technical ideas are recommended based on important oscillators like Relative Strength Index (RSI)
        • Stochastic Oscillator
        • Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) and other indicators to identify support and resistance areas.
        • It also assists in identifying buy and sell levels.
        • Reports include Index Analysis, Intra-day reports, Techno-Fundamental ideas, etc.
      • Strategies based on Derivative Research

        • Strategies like writing call option against the existing holdings to reduce the holding cost
        • Stochastic Oscillator
        • Cash & Carry Arbitrage, Reverse Arbitrage strategies
        • Ratio Spread, Butterfly Spread, Straddle, Strangle etc. are recommended.
      • Special Situation Strategies

        • Strategies to benefit from corporate action and special situations such as Mergers and Acquisitions, Buybacks, Delisting
        • Special Dividend and Bonus stripping opportunities are offered.

      Support System

      We offer our clients a multi-level support system and a problem-solving hierarchy for a hassle-free investing experience


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