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Centrum Financial Services Ltd. (CFSL), a registered Non-Bank Finance Company, seeks to assist SMEs, mid-sized companies and their founders to scale their businesses, through loan products in a variety of forms, structures and collaterals. We target entities in metros and Tier II cities, that are either in a stage of building up or diversifying, and are generally not addressed sufficiently by the mainstream banking system. Our key value propositions are flexibility, responsiveness and guidance while providing the right financing product for the business need.

With our team of rapidly growing professionals, each with diverse and in-depth banking experience, we provide a strong credit evaluation and compliance mechanism through a complete digitized process. We actively collaborate with Centrum’s well-established investment banking, real estate, debt capital markets and wealth management businesses for cross-selling, sourcing and down-selling of credit products.


  • Ranjan Ghosh

    MD & CEO - NBFC

supply chain solutions
  • Dealer Finance

    We provide invoice discounting financing facility for your channel partners that enables you to convert your receivables into cash and in turn improves the liquidity. This results into a healthy and continuous cash flow for your business.

    Benefits of Dealers Financing Solutions:

    With the focus area being SMEs, mid-market companies, small companies and smaller affiliates of larger companies, our structured credit consist of:

    • Facilitates increased sales through higher purchasing power for channel partners
    • Instant conversion of receivables into cash
    • Assures availability of working capital finance to channel partners at a competitive cost
    • Simple Documentation, Fast Turn Around Times and simple procedures
    • Faster payments leading to cash discounts from the company

    Receivables Discounting Finance

    We provide receivables discounting facility to help you encash your bills before time ensuring that your Business grow rapidly while avoiding cash flow issues.

    Benefits of Receivable Financing Solutions:

    • Instant conversion of a high percentage of your receivables into cash
    • Simple Documentation, Faster Turnaround times and easy process
    • Provides you Funding to grow your business at a competitive cost
    • Centrum Finance collects the receivables and routes balance payments back to you


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