SME Finance

Centrum Financial Services Ltd.

Centrum Financial Services Ltd. (CFSL), a registered Non Bank Finance Company, seeks to assist SMEs, mid-sized companies and their founders to scale their businesses through loan products in a variety of forms, structures and collateral. We target entities, in metros and Tier II cities, that are either in a stage of building up or diversifying, and are generally not addressed sufficiently by the mainstream banking system. Our key value propositions are flexibility, rapidity of response and finding the right financing product for the need. We actively collaborate with Centrum’s well-established investment banking, real estate, debt capital markets and wealth management businesses for cross selling, sourcing and down-selling of credit products.

Our Products

Structured Credit

This consists of conceptually, though not mutually exclusive,categories: promoter financing, lending to real estate corporations and special situations like M&A and mezzanine financing. The focus area remains as SMEs and mid-market companies, small companies or smaller affiliates of larger companies.

Commercial Finance

In commercial finance, we provide loans of up to Rs. 250 million to our identified clients, primarily on the basis of their business credentials and cash flow prospects, for the purpose of working capital or moderate-sized expansions.

We would also build up a book of Business Loans and smaller-value loans, primarily collateralised by property and targeted at Tier 2 cities initially.

Additionally, we will help fledgling NBFCs in socially responsible and undeserved areas such as microfinance, affordable housing, and specialised lending such as solar equipment, with loans, for the purpose of on-lending to their end-clientele.

Our Team & Approach

  • Rapidly growing professionals with diverse & in-depth banking experience
  • Strong credit evaluation & compliance mechanisms
  • Digitized processes since inception
  • Challenging work environment with special focus on employee skill enrichment


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